The courageous leader of the Sky Mice Squadron.  He grew up on mouse Island along with his brothers and he will defend it at all cost.  He always wants to help everyone and doesn't hesitate when it comes to facing danger.  

He is the oldest brother and a known tactician.  He loves to provide his brothers with great strategies in battle.  He's known to have a clear head and knows how to talk down an intense situation.  Sometimes he has to keep Pint in line. 

Squeeks is the smartest brother of the squadron.  He will create crazy power-up ideas that'll help give his brothers an edge.  He will sometimes get into a battle of wits with Tuck on who's the best strategist. 

The coolest mouse in school or so he call himself.  Pint is known to be the toughest brother in the group and he's not afraid to take a few Scaleys on.  Sometimes he's a bit of a hothead and take on battles by himself.  Sometimes His brothers will have to reel him in from time to time.