May Day, May Day!!!

Mouse Island is under heavy attack!

After sometime of being stranded during an expedition from their homeland, Commando Croc, Leader of the Scaley Troops has discovered a way to penetrate the weakened defenses of Mouse Island.

Scouting above in his giant STORM CASTLE, Commando Croc and his fellow Scaley Generals plot to capture all mice residents in order to take the island for themselves.

While under attack and with all hope almost lost on the island,  a group of courageous mice come together to form a squadron under a strong alliance known as SKY MICE.  Their bravery and thirst for adventure will lead them into what will become known as the first RODENT WAR.  They will need to expand their alliance and this is where you come in pilot!

As the lead of the SKY MICE, Wisk, you will assist in the rescue of as many mice residents as you can while taking down multiple Scaleys that are under Commando Croc's command.

Get ready to pilot your ship in non-stop action with insane aerial fire-fight gameplay!