Shorty is in charge of the front Scaley Assault.  Eager to please his Commander, He will always rush to lead his Scaley Troops into Battle.  He wants to prove to the other generals that he is capable of leading the pack. Though he always has a bad habit of underestimating his mice opponents.
Slimmy is the Commander's trusting tactician.  He's responsible for stationing his other fellow generals to different areas of the island to cover more ground.  He is also the one responsible for creating steel cages and provide strategies to kidnap all the mice residents.

Lizzard is a weapons expert.  He designs weapon and armor for his scaley troops and fellow generals.  His mini-gun is his favorite creation and is eager to test it out on his mouse foes.

Bruno is one of the most powerful generals of the bunch.  He's strong, courageous, loud, but not too bright.  He's the Commander's right hand general thats' responsible for the defense of the storm castle.  Although, he will ask Slimmy for help from time to time, since he can't think too well on his own.